Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unexpected Love

( This is a true story! )

I'm inlove! Yes! with this guy for so long. We met last 2006. He is physically attractive, the hair, the eyes, the lips, the face. At first I'm shy of asking his name, a bit nervous. Love at first sight. Is it possible? Do you believe with that? At that time, I have no idea of what LOVE is. I'm young and only have crushes. Yes! I told my self that it is just an admiration. 

Days passed. I saw him again. He said "HI". That word is what I am waiting to hear from him. Just a simple "HI". That made me think that maybe he recognized me. WOW! He recognized me. Those words echoed on my mind. When will I see him again. I ask myself. 

My phone beeped. I saw an unfamiliar number. I opened the message. " Hello, how are you". The stranger texted me. I'm a bit hesitant to answer back his message. A minute after I replied. " Who's this?" Whoah! He replied quick. " This is " Andrew". ( Well not his real name). My heart celebrated for the reason that he texted me. Maybe your curious, how didi I know his name. Well...I got it from my friend.

We texted each other. I mean, we text a lot. Everyday. 

By that time, we begin to be friends on text. The bad news is that, he already had a girlfriend. 


( To be continued )

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