Monday, November 23, 2015

Makeup Tips for those Who Wear Glasses

Having a hard time wearing makeup because of your eyeglasses? I can relate to that since I am one of those smart-looking girls who has a big problem covering those blemishes and dark circles with makeup because of glasses. Worry no more. There are tricks in minimizing those annoying mess.


Use heavy liner. Make sure your glasses don't overpower your eyes. The thicker your frames, the thicker your liner should be. You may use white or nude liner along the lower inner rim to make your eyes pop and keep dark makeup on top.

Don't use false eyelashes. It's kind of distracting wearing false eyelashes or eye extensions. Instead, use thickening mascaras.

Use under-eye concealer. Don't skip the concealer since it is very important. The glass in your frames can highlight under eye discoloration. Apply it using a brush or your fingers and then gently blend it.

Blot away excess foundation. You can use wet makeup sponge to blend the foundation along your nose to your cheeks. This will make your face air brush looking. Use a finishing powder to make your foundation last longer.

Give attention to your brows. Make your brows stand out by using a colored brow mascara that will match your hair color. Brush your brow upward and outward.

Bold Lips. To balance your look, it's best to apply bolder shade of lipstick to highlight your face. A hot pink or red color will finish the look. 

Hope these tips can be a great help. Thank you for reading! XOXO

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