Thursday, January 14, 2016

Myra Hand and Body Lotion with Vitamin E Review

This is not my first time trying Myra Hand and Body lotion. I only love to use it because it has that refreshing feeling when applied on the skin.



The packaging is very legit. I really love it because it is clean to see and not messy once you opened the bottle.

My Experience: 

It has a light and creamy texture. It is very easy to spread on your skin and is non-greasy. The scent is also very good. It has Vitamin E beads which helps protect and nourish the skin.


On the other note, I don't think  it whitens my skin because I don't see any difference since I have used it for two months already. I am not sure about this, but the price maybe is around P80.00.



  • very affordable

  • it doesn't feel heavy or sticky

  • smells really good

  • it has vitamin E beads


  • it doesn't have SPF

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