Monday, November 14, 2016

10 Tips You can Do to Improve Your Life

There are days that I feel lazy to work. Can't even wake up early in the morning. You know, lazy days. I've been telling myself to always plan my day, work that should be done. But this is me, even if I try to have a day-to-day to-do list, it wouldn't fit me. I promise myself to just try.

We all know stress is always been a part of  our everyday life. Me personally been trying to find effective ways to manage stress. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately trying to find solutions or tips on how to fight stress as well as ways to refocus for me to feel better about today, tomorrow and the days to come.

1. Reconnect with friends and loved ones

Set aside even 5 minutes of your time to phone a friend or a family member to catch up with them. It is important that from time to time you'll be updated with what is happening with their lives.  A few minutes of casual conversation with someone you care about lifts your spirits without sucking up your time.

2. Declutter your space

Organizing a space where you spend majority of your time whether at work or at home has a lot of benefits. In my case, I always organize my things like my clothes, shoes and other random stuffs since I don't have time on weekdays. It feels really good to see your things are in the right places. See to it to categorize things like the things you always use from the ones that you don't usually use.

3. Trying New Activities

This is what I am doing now. Having a "ME" time works for me. Going on facial treatment, or even enjoying a great spa relaxes me. Try to visit a cool place or plan a trip with your friends. Maybe trying out new things out of your comfort zone.

 4. Be gentle to Yourself

Have you tried treating yourself lately? Or being gentle to your own self? Give yourself a little compassion. You can either read a book while having your favorite coffee in your couch. Or maybe writing things that you have accomplished or things you still want to achieve.

5. Pump up Everyday

Actually, this tip is for me (haha!) and to all the lazy girls out there :). Staying active everyday is good not only physically as well as mentally. Running, walking, playing basketball, going to the gym, just make sure to sweat everyday. Physical activities will make you feel happier.

6. Make your bed when you wake up

Start your day in a productive note like fixing your bed when you wake up every morning. It will take less than two minutes (promise!)

7. Avoid Multi-tasking

Usually this is my problem when doing different tasks. I tend to multi-task which lead to rushing and overlooking things. Focusing on more than one task at a time make you acoomplish more and less stress in the process.

8. Write down your Goals and Ambitions

Simply write down whatever feels exciting and interesting to you. Invest in a journal to record your life goals.

9. Learn to think first before Bursting out

Learn to think first before bursting out. Get away from negative vibes, instead think positive for a healthy mind.

10. Do the things you love most

Make time and space in your life for activities you enjoy. Give yourself permission to pursue your interests and cultivate your passions without guilt or fear.

I hope these tips can be of great help to you. Don't forget to share your tips!

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope it helps! XOXO

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