How to Find the Right Foundation for Every Skin Type

Finding the right foundation for your skin type involves a lot of effort and trial and error. As we all know, a beautiful base is essential for a beautiful makeup look. First thing to consider if the foundation you choose has the right balance between not enough and too much coverage.

There are a lot of foundation products in the market ranging from dewy to matte, and a lot to choose from and these tips below will help you find the right foundation formula for different skin types - dry, oily, combination, hyperpigmented and sensitive skin types.

1. BB Cream (Liquid Cream) - This type of foundation is for oily and combination skin and also for low-maintenance beauty (not suitable for dry skin). BB Cream can be worn alone or serves as a primer if you want a full-coverage foundation.

Can be used as: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, sheer foundation

2. CC Cream - Has a light coverage and perfect for most skin types and uneven skin tone. CC creams cover sunspots and uneven skin tone and may be worn as a primer.

Can be Used as: moisturizer, primer, sunscreen

3. Tinted Moisturizer - A tinted moisturizer may be combined with a day cream if you have dry skin for extra hydration. Oil-free tinted moisturizers is available if you have oily skin. This is for all skin types and has light coverage.

Can be used as: primer for a fresh and natural look

4. Sheer Foundation - This has a light coverage for clear skin.

Can be used as: primer but needs to be set with a translucent powder for long lasting wear

5. Satin Foundation - This type of foundation has a light to medium coverage somewhere between dewy and matte finish. Not suitable for oily skin.

Can be used as:  Can be apply to clean skin after using a primer with a stippling brush and set it with translucent powder

6. Matte Foundation - This is good for oily skin if you want long-lasting coverage. It has full coverage. After applying your favorite primer, use a flat foundation brush or a makeup blender. Make sure to apply a powder after since matte foundation tends to dry very quickly.

7. Dewy Foundation - If you want an extra glow to your skin, this is a perfect foundation for you. Great for normal to dry skin and has light to medium coverage. You can wear it with or without a primer.

8. Mineral Foundation - A foundation that is for sensitive and acne-prone skin or oily skin as well. It has a light to full coverage and buildable. Use a kabuki brush when applying this foundation. Begin with a light layr and then add some more for full coverage.