Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

July 25, 2017

Makeup and skincare can only do so much. What important is focusing on our natural beauty deserves much attention. By embracing your own unique beauty, and enhancing the features you actually like is still the best advice I can give you. A lot of us use makeup as a form of self-expression but enhancing your natural features is equally as important. 

I am not fond of applying much makeup on my face and being fresh and natural is what I am after.  If you're interested in embracing your natural beauty, here are a few different things you can do that I've found to be helpful. 
  • Stick to a simple yet effective skincare routine
  • Apply less makeup
  • Avoid picking on any blemishes or pimples
  • Groom your brows
  • Apply sunscreen and moisturizer every day
  • Do not overwash your hair and use mild shampoo and conditioner. Use sulfate-free products
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated
  • Have a strict oral hygiene routine
  • Exfoliate two to three times a week
  • Spare some time to do workout
  • Eat fruits and veggies 
  • Give your skin a break from applying makeup
  • Use BB creams in place of foundation from time to time
  • Sleep atleast 7-8 hours a day
  • Wear a simple makeup ( brows, lips, bb cream)
Share your natural beauty tips below! :)

Friday, July 21, 2017

4 Ways to Regain Blogging Motivation

July 21, 2017

Yes! I've been through this for a quite a while now. Busy schedules, family gatherings, hanging out with friends and other personal commitments are some of the things that keeps me away from my blog. That urge to blog inside me is fading away.
Now, I'm starting to get myself back on track. Yes, I've said that before but now I can finally say that I'm more motivated to maintain my blog and write frequently as possible. Thank you to my favorite bloggers out there!

Here are some ways to regain blogging motivation that I would like to share with you guys!
1. Take a Break - Once you start to get burned out, that's a sign to take a break from blogging. The longer it takes to get a break, the less you want to be there. Go for a long vacation to refresh your mind and get some ideas what to post next. Whatever you do, your blog will still be there when you’re ready to come back.
2. Recreate Your Blog - Maybe you want to update or give your blog a new look. Try to search for inspiration blogs and then create a new blog design with a  personal touch.  A fresh new looks gets you excited for the task. 

3. Play with your Content - You think it's time to change your content a bit? Definitely! I agree with this since I am little by little changing my blog content. I want my blog to be a little interesting and inspiring. I want my readers to be entertained and can learn a lot by reading my blog. 

4. Be Inspired by Other Bloggers - Have an inspiring moment with other bloggers as well. Reading others blogs is a big help for me. Set aside some time to read through a few new blogs a week and make some new blogging friends.Share below what are some of your motivation when it comes to blogging! 

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope it helps! XOXO

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

50 Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

July 18, 2017

There are a lot of great lists out there with blog posts ideas, and today I want to share mine with you! I came up with a great list you can bookmark so that you have tons of ideas. Here are 50 Blog Post Ideas I can share with you guys!

  • Favorite Childhood Memory
  • Favorite Holiday And Why
  • A Day In The Life Of You
  • 10 Things We Don’t Know About You
  • 5 Things You Love
  • Top 10 Favorite Songs
  • Favorite TV Show Of All Time
  • Tell Us About Your Most Embarrassing Moment
  • Why You Started Your Blog?
  • Favorite Thing About Blogging
  • Your Travel Wish List
  • Monthly Goals
  • Yearly Goals
  • Something You’re Really Into Right Now
  • 5 Must Have Beauty Products
  • Share your favorite shows on Netflix
  • Favorite people to follow on Instagram
  • A letter to yourself in 5 years
  • Goals for the next/current month/week/quarter
  • Weekly Finds. Share some of the best articles you read this week.
  • Favorite Way To Spend Time Alone
  • How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?
  • What Is Your Biggest Aspiration In Life
  • How Do You Keep Your Life Organized
  • Storytime. Share a personal story with your readers. This might bring you some loyal fans.
  • 5 ways to unwind after a long day at work
  • Your dream holiday destination.
  • What’s on my phone? Share your most used apps!
  • What’s inside your purse?
  • 5 Favorite Blogs To Read
  • What Is Your Nighttime Routine?
  • What Is Your Morning Routine?
  • What Is Your Skincare Routine?
  • What Is Your Makeup Routine?
  • Best Blogging Tips
  • DIY – Fun Project and A Step-by-Step Guide
  • What Is Your Favorite Place To Vacation?
  • 3 books that changed your life
  • Favourite breakfast ideas
  • 3 things you’d like to try by the end of the year. Make sure to update your readers on the process.
  • Share your weekend/fitness/night out routine
  • Things that made you happy this week
  • Best advice anyone ever gave you
  • Share some snaps from your weekend
  • Share your blog stats & discuss how you achieved what you have or what steps you plan on taking to improve it
  • Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow
  • Favorite Bloggers
  • Have You Been Out Of The Country? Tell Us About It
  • What Is The Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned Blogging?
  • How blogging improved your life?
I hope you found these helpful! If you enjoyed my 50 blog post ideas If you have something to add please comment down below. XOXO!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself For Work

July 12, 2017

Working from home can be fun and rewarding where you can have your own time for work and time for family and friends and yourself. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring especially you’re doing the same thing day after day. Knowing how to motivate yourself in instances like these can be super helpful.

1. Find for Inspiration – When I’m tired of doing same things over and over again, I always try to find some new inspiration. I love browsing Pinterest and scroll to beautiful things. You can also find different interesting things in Pinterest that can motivate you for your blog. Let’s follow each other on Pinterest!

2. Always remind yourself why you’re doing all of this  – We all start doing what we love with certain goals in our mind. Whether you’re working on a business-related goal or a personal goal, you’ve got a final result that you’d like to reach. It can be very beneficial to remind yourself of what your goals are and why you even working at this in the first place.

3. Take a Break – When I’m in the middle of a ton of work that needs to be done and am seriously lacking the will to continue, one thing that I’ve found to help me back up is to actually step away for a few minutes. Sometimes, I took two days off because I want to refresh my mind with new ideas. Give yourself 15-30 minutes off for whatever you are doing or maybe take a nap for an hour. Since I’m in control of my own schedule, I see to it that I take small breaks every hour or so, this way you’re far less likely to feel burnt out throughout your day.

4. Set a Reward – If you have a lot of work to do this week, set a reward for yourself so that you will be motivated to finish the task assigned to you. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive either – an indulgent dessert or a relaxing night binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix would work just fine.

5. Read a Good Book or Play Your Favorite Music- There are times that I don’t feel like working, so I just grab my favorite book or play my favorite music with a coffee in the side.

Share your motivations with me! XOXO

Monday, July 10, 2017

Makeup Tips for Beginners

July 10, 2017

Hi everyone!

Ladies out there are really into makeup nowadays and even youngsters are starting to explore the beauty arena and if you are just beginning to use makeup, it’s always helpful to find makeup tips for beginners that actually work! Here are some step-by-step guide for a makeup look that’s great on every face, Everyday!
Preparing your Skin
I think this one is the crucial part, the skin preparation. But how are you going to start? It is very important when applying makeup, see to it that your face is fresh and clean.

(1) Cleansing the skin – Use your favorite cleanser to remove any dirt that may leave your skin.
(2) Remove eye makeup – Eye makeup is pretty obvious especially those “panda eyes” as what they call it. It is good to use a water base eye makeup remover. Why water base? Because when using oil base eye remover, residues will remain on the skin which will prevent the makeup being applied correctly.
(3) Cotton for toners- Toners remove any left over dirt even after cleansing, use it on cotton wool for skin to be smoother and ready for makeup.
(4) Apply moisturizer- When you already found the right moisturizer, apply it on your skin after using a toner. You can also apply a serum after moisturizing to give your skin that glow.
(5) Applying a Primer- This is optional but I advice that it would be best to use this before putting on foundation. With primer, for sure your makeup will last longer.
(6) Start applying your favorite makeup!
I hope you guys learned something from me today. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any additional tips to share with everyone. Will really appreciate it. Till next time! XOXO

Saturday, July 8, 2017

How to Eliminate Negativity in Your Life

July 08, 2017

Being negative is something I think some of us is experiencing in life. Personally, I tend to be negative in everything that I do, what’s happening in my life and the people around me. Don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but to be negative in everything I do.

Lately, a lot of things happened in my life that it changes my perspective in life. I think the most important thing is to keep your mind always in focus and being positive to a lot of things.  By adopting a positive mindset, may improve the quality of your life as well as you will be a much happier person. This is really life changing and  here are some tips on how to eliminate negativity in your life.
  1. Believe in Yourself – Always seeing yourself as a failure is the worst thing you can do. Give yourself a break. Learn to love yourself more than anyone else first. Then, appreciate everything you do. You may fail sometime but always learn not to give up and face the challenges life has to offer with a positive vibes. Just put your mind to something and appreciate the work you do.
  2. Be Grateful – Be always always grateful to all the blessings you received and will receive. Remind yourself off all the good stuff in life. Try not to compare yourself with other people, instead be grateful of the things that are happening. Learn to appreciate people around you especially those who helped you in times of problems. Don’t forget to be thankful.
  3. Failure is Natural – We can’t control what happens in our life, but we can control how we react to certain problem that comes our way. If something doesn’t go according to the plan, see this as a new opportunity. Always thrive hard to look at the bright side. Learn not to blame others of your failures, but strive hard and work better next time. Remember, you’re the one in-charge of your life.
  4. Get Rid of Toxic Relationships – There are people who are taking advantage of you. Learn to know when to get rid of them. Once you see signs that something fishy is going on, keep yourself away from that person. Sometimes, being selective is okay. If you’re trying to be more positive, make sure you only surround yourself with like minded people.
  5.  Being Positive is a Choice – Each morning we wake up with a fresh start and it’s up to us what attitude we’re going to adopt. Start the day with positive vibes and get rid of negativity. Promise yourself not to think of negative things instead change it to positive ones. Work in steps, one step at a day, and then expand it to weeks and the rest will follow. In time, you will simply get into habit of more positive thinking.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to Organize your Office Things With These DIY Tips

July 06, 2017

We all have our messy side right? Especially if we are running out of time, very busy especially with paper works at home or even at the office.

Problem no more with these DIY Tips on how to get more organized with things.
(1) Painted Storage Box

Be creative and resourceful when it comes to creating useful things. In making this storage box where you can put all your important files and other valuable things, make your own. A plainwooden box with colored paper, you can have that colorful and joyful boxes.  You can put it 
anywhere inside your room or your office. Try to make this one with JPetite. 
(2) Belt Memo Board

Save your old belts and make them into a new and useful thing for displaying pictures and notes. You can create a cute design board using a glue and wooden boards together. Add picture hanging hardware to the back of the board so you can easily place on your office wall. Get inspired with this one from RealSimple
(3) Metallic Pencil Holder Set

Go to the nearest supply stores near you and buy some metal tubes or maybe an old can and wrap or paint it whatever colors you like. You can also spray it with acrylic paint if you like.  Use a glue to hold the tubes in place and smooth out the edges for final touch. Try this one from LovelyIndeed
(4) Patterned Magazine Holders

Grab one at National Bookstore or at any Department Stores to have these cute file holders. Place those magazines and folders inside a patterned file holders. You can design them too! Get ideas from BHG on how to do this. 
(5) Magnetic Colorblock for Small Accessories

This stylish magnetic desk is best for keeping push pins, paper clips, and other metal objects in one place.  Grab a paper which can be found in a craft store.  Using a glue, put the magnets to the bottom of the box and you’re done!  You can decorate it with spray paint or any colored paper. Be inspired from DIYs
(6) Pin Board

Create a corkboard design to organize your to-do lists that you can place on the walls. You will need cork boards, a craft knife, and a paint. Through these, you can organize your important papers in one place without cluttering them around your room or office. Get this idea from Babble.com
I hope these DIY tips can help you organize your things in a creative way. Please don’t forget to comment down your suggestions or share some DIY tips too! XOXO