Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap ( with Gluatathione and Vitamin E)

I already heard about this brand for so long but didn't bother to try it out. A lot of positive reviews about this soap is almost everywhere. 
My friend introduced this brand of soap to me a long time ago but I just had this chance now to give my opinion about it I am talking about the Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap that has Glutathione and Vitamin E. 

Product Claims: 
Royale L-Gluta Power Soap from Royale Business Club has already been proven effective and safe for whitening your skin. Frequent use of this product will reduce hyper pigmentation and prevents spots from re-occurring.

Product Information:  

Removes dark spots, reduces and gets rid of freckles, age spots, pimple marks. It also whitens, revives and nourishes to make your skin look supple, radiant and flawless. 


The packaging is legit. It comes in a thick blue plastic box, very hygienic and properly labelled. You can see the manufacturing, batch and expiration date in the box. The box also has Directions and Instructions which is very helpful. 


Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Cocodiethanolamide, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Glutathione, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Papaya Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume. 

My Experience: 

I used the Royale L-Gluta Power Soap for two weeks to test it. I have morena skin but I really love trying out whitening products. The white soap is covered with Royale Beauty logo and has pull to open tab for easy opening. 

Just like other soaps, the bar melts quite quickly especially when placed in a soap dish and near the water faucet.  After the day I used it,  my skin feels tight and smooth. However, in my case, it tends to dry out my skin and there is a feeling of itchiness. But I still continue using the soap for another week. I can see that my skin is peeling a little bit so I guess it is a sign that my skin is changing but still it has that itchy feeling on me. 

The scent is not so overpowering, instead it has a mild fresh scent which I really  like. 

We all have our different skin types so maybe you have different experience with me.When you use this soap, the results may vary however, it normally takes an average of 2-12 weeks before you see visible results. You may need to use more product to really see the effects. 

Overall, it is effective in lightening the skin and helps in exfoliating. You may see visible results in just a few weeks. You may also want to use it with lotion or moisturizer so it won't dry out your skin and to prevent skin irritation.

I bought this for P190.00 which for me is okay. 

  • very affordable for a whitening soap
  • lathers very well
  • nice scent
  • whitens and exfoliates the skin
  • available locally
  • dries out my skin
  • an itchy feeling on me
  • melts easily especially when in a soap dish

Will I Purchase It Again? Probably No.