How to Clean Hair Flat Iron and Curling Iron

Hair straightener and curling iron are girl's bestfriend including me. There are times when I want to really look good especially for important events where I need my hair straightener.

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If you guys having a hard time or don't have enough time to clean your hair tools. I am going to share few tips on how to clean them.

You'll Need:

Rubbing alcohol, damp cloth, and cotton balls.

First, make sure that your hair iron is completely cool and unplugged. Get a couple of cotton and put on some alcohol. Gently swab the cotton to clean the plates. After that, using a cloth, wipe down the flat iron. There are times that the product is really caked on, all you need to do is to brush it with a clean and unused toothbrush to clean the spots. Concentrate on the areas that are totally caked up.

Make time to clean your hair tools atleast once every week to keep it hygenic.