4 Ways to Regain Blogging Motivation

Yes! I've been through this for a quite a while now. Busy schedules, family gatherings, hanging out with friends and other personal commitments are some of the things that keeps me away from my blog. That urge to blog inside me is fading away.
Now, I'm starting to get myself back on track. Yes, I've said that before but now I can finally say that I'm more motivated to maintain my blog and write frequently as possible. Thank you to my favorite bloggers out there!

Here are some ways to regain blogging motivation that I would like to share with you guys!
1. Take a Break - Once you start to get burned out, that's a sign to take a break from blogging. The longer it takes to get a break, the less you want to be there. Go for a long vacation to refresh your mind and get some ideas what to post next. Whatever you do, your blog will still be there when you’re ready to come back.
2. Recreate Your Blog - Maybe you want to update or give your blog a new look. Try to search for inspiration blogs and then create a new blog design with a  personal touch.  A fresh new looks gets you excited for the task. 

3. Play with your Content - You think it's time to change your content a bit? Definitely! I agree with this since I am little by little changing my blog content. I want my blog to be a little interesting and inspiring. I want my readers to be entertained and can learn a lot by reading my blog. I recommend this Blog Planner if you want to keep your blogging career on track! 

4. Be Inspired by Other Bloggers - Have an inspiring moment with other bloggers as well. Reading others blogs is a big help for me. Set aside some time to read through a few new blogs a week and make some new blogging friends.Share below what are some of your motivation when it comes to blogging! 

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope it helps! XOXO


  1. It's always good to take a break so that there'll be more fresh ideas coming in! Also, I agree with you about changing the blog's layout from time to time; I get a little bit more excited to write more content! :) Thanks for these tips, Ferolyn!