6 Things To Do When Experiencing Burnout

We are all experiencing this kind of feeling where everything is so overwhelming. There are times that we don’t want to continue anymore. I am also experiencing this kind of feeling, that feeling of being burnout.

1. Take a break from your work/priorities. When it comes to work, I put all my effort especially when I am in the mood for writing. Lately, I learned that in order to be effective, you just have to relax and take one step at a time. Sometimes we just need even 25 minutes to veg out and take a break. I’ve been practicing this for quite sometime now and it works!
2. Set a little “Me Time”. Give yourself a little pampering because you deserve it. From time to time, I see to it that I have my “Me Time”. This is a way of rewarding yourself from all the hardwork you’ve done. Whether having a meni/pedi, going to the spa, or even applying on face masks to pamper your skin.
3. Learn to say “No”. Learn to say “No” to certain obligations. You have the right to choose what task or job you can do for a day. You can say “No” to extra obligations your boss may say to you. It is not all the time that     you were always there to serve your boss. This may also happen to few circumstances. If you are not in the mood to go out with your friends, say it to them nicely.

4. Get lots of Sleep.  This is very important especially to working professionals. In order to avoid burnout, get a lot of sleep.  7-8 hours is the recommended time but I know not all the time we can make this happen. My tip to you is to atleast take some nap maybe 30 minutes or in my case I sleep for an hour. This way, you will be able to energize yourself and be in the mood to get back to work.
5. Unplug from social media for a while. There are times that we need to move away from social media. It is not necessary that we should have our phones, ipad, tablet and laptop beside us all the time. Even if you can     just unplug awhile at dinner or something like that, do it. It will help you step away from your obligations even if only for 20 minutes.
6. Take a long weekend. Go away from reality by having a vacation. Maybe on a road trip or in the beach, go on a hiking. Be with your family and friends and enjoy the long weekend with some activities.