Beauty Investments Worth Making

Every girl needs something to make her look good. It could be a makeup, clothing, or anything worth investing to. Looking great is most important to help us boost our confidence especially in front of other people. 

I personally do not believe in having luxurious things in order to please or be good to everyone. But there are things my money worth it and I know each and everyone of us should invest on. 

1. Skincare

Try to invest in your skincare regimen. Not only you will save time but also money. Yes, save your money since you do not need to change skincare products from time to time when you found the right one for you. A good cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and a lotion is worth the price. Choose skincare products that suits well your skin type especially for sensitive skin.

Tip: Make sure to apply skincare products in the correct order.   

2. Everyday Sunscreen

Daily use of sunscreen protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun. It also protect you from skin cancer, avoid acne and wrinkles. Do not be afraid of trying out a few different formulas until you find a sunscreen that you can wear everyday. Consider using sunscreen with more natural ingredients.

3.High Quality Blow Dryer
Ladies can relate to this, blow drying the hair is very time consuming especially in the morning. To save more time purchase a high quality blow dryer, your hair will dry much faster thus you can do other things in the morning. 

4. A Perfect Lipstick
That one perfect lipstick. Yes! Finding the right lisptick color for you and invest in a high quality formula. Choose lip shade that is flattering, has long staying power. If you tend to buy a shade that's expensive save it to special occasions like an important event, a job interview, meetings, etc. 

5. The Perfect Concealer and Foundation
The base of your makeup is the concealer and foundation. Unfortunately you can spend more money on trial and error at the drugstore, so head to a beauty counter instead. Try to look for a shade same as the color of your neck for foundation. For the concealer, try the one shade lighter than your face, that way it can brighten up your eye area. Invest in high quality brands for foundation and concealer and it would worth the try! 
Tip: Try different formulas to see what best suit you! :)


  1. Some really great points you've made here! I think investing money into skin care is so important. If your skin is really well taken care of, then it makes finding the right make-up products so much easier x

    Lauren |