In2it Eyebrow Powder Review!

I've been dying to try this product for a long time. Been watching youtube beauty bloggers with reviews and this product has a great positive response. The product I am talking about is the In2it Eyebrow Powder! Please continue reading if you want to read my experience with it! :) 

Product Claims: 

Waterproof and long lasting eye brow color in a three shade selection. Intense color and easy to blend. Soft and smooth with the moisturizer Vitamin E. Easy to apply with the nylon hair brush applicator and mirror compact.
Weight: 3.5g
Price: Php 299.75

The Packaging: 
Packaging is really simple and on sleek.  It is in a black cute flip cover showcasing the three shades inside and has a flower design outside the container.  Also, the packaging feels sturdy. What I love with it is that, I can bring it for travelling. The expiration date of the product can be seen outside part of the package. 

My Experience: 

I got the shade ER 01. It came with three shades giving me more options and room for different intensity.The lighter shade is a light warm brown. The medium shade is a darker shade of brown. The darkest is a grayish shade which I love. I used it frequently and sometimes combining it with the dark brown one.  This brow kit comes with a small slanted hard brush but I don't use it since it is so hard to use. Upon opening, you will see a small mirror but I usually use that mirror while grooming my brows. 

The product has a great pigmentation that lasts all day long. There is no need for me to touch-up. There is also no product fall out while applying the powder on your brows. 

I can say that the product can last you for ages. It is still full until now. :)

  • Cute and sleek packaging
  • Has a mirror
  • Very pigmented and waterproof
  • Expiry date is written
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Lasts for more than 8 hours without touch ups.
  • A little goes a long way. This will last me for forever! haha! 
  • Worth the price 
  • The applicator is not helpful at all 

Will You Recommend this Product? 

Definitely YES! 


  1. Thanks for introducing new eyebrow powder. I like your review. Please mention buy option.

    Makeup and Beauty

    1. Hi! Yes, I forgot that one. Thanks for reminding! :)