5 Tips to Apply Concealer

One of the trickiest thing to do when applying makeup is putting on eye concealer. Great for hiding puffy eyes! Sometimes, applying concealer can be a little messy so here are tips for you. 

1. Avoid looking at yourself when applying. Grab a mirror and tilt your head down to properly see where your under eye shadows actually fall.

2. Using too much product. Yes, we want to cover that puffy eyes but make sure to not overdo it. Start with just a little amount and then build that up to your desired coverage.

3. Applying it before your foundation. Apply concealer after putting on your foundation to save you up. ( You know what I mean )

4. Use the right formula. There are concealers that are for the eyes and the other one for the blemishes. 
The rule of thumb: Liquid concealer is best to use on under-eye areas as cream tends to cake and settle into fine lines, while creams are better for blemishes as they’re less likely to wear off.

5. Look for the right shade. For under-eye circles, try to look for one shade lighter and then the same shade of concealer for covering blemishes. 

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  1. Thanks for these tips, I always struggle with concealer as the product just seems to clump up and look awful!

    Corinne x