How to Manage Working from Home

After I resigned from my daily job, I started on working online. At first it excites me since I handle my own time in my own space. It’s been 6 months already and just recently I noticed that it get boring for sometime. Maybe because I have a limited social life. Compared to working in the office, you are able to mingle with your co-workers, whereas working at home, you barely talk to people, ofcourse except your family and friends.

Working at home requires discipline, organization and a few tricks. Here are some tips for you how I manage working from home without stressing too much.
Create a neat and clean office space – Personally I believe that having your own working space will help you become more productive. Your working space must be away from your bed for you to work well. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can recreate or if you have enough budget splurge into a more comfortable tables and chairs.
Set working hours – It is really important to have your own working hours. Try to jot down all your tasks and the number of hours you need to finish the task. Write it down in your planner or notebook in order for you to keep on track. Keep your body clock in check by sticking to a normal workday schedule. Find the organizing strategies that will work for you HERE.
Get Dressed (Sometimes) – If you’re feeling yourself, why not grab your favorite pair of clothes or dress to start your day. There is nothing wrong if you want to dress up on that day, what important is that you get inspired dressing up. By putting on more formal attire, it says that it increases confidence and can boost abstract thinking.
Separate work hours to doing house chores – Sometimes once we started doing house chores, we forget our work. Set time on doing house chores for example, do laundry on the weekends so that you can finish all your work on time.
Take Breaks – Step away from your computer screens from time to time. You may go to your favorite coffee shop, chill sometime and chat with your friends. This will help refresh your mind. It is also important to have human interaction daily.
Set Goals – Setting some long and short term goals to achieve success is the key. Not only this will help with your productivity, but also to ensure your career is moving on the right direction. Start your day with a to-do-list to keep your organized.
Eat Healthy – Consider eating healthy snacks during working hours at home. There’s nothing wrong with pausing work to grab a bite but make sure to keep it healthy.
Leave Work at the Office – One advantage of working from home is flexibility. Try to separate business and pleasure as possible. After working, shut down your computer and clean up your desk.


  1. This is so relatable! These tips are awesome. It's so important when working from home to feel comfortable so you're able to actually work. Great post dear!

  2. I have recently started working from home and these are great ideas to get through it.

  3. I know it is way different experience and requires lot of hard work and determination.. :)

  4. Lovely tips. Exactly what I needed! Sharing it with my team :)