How to Triple Your Traffic with Pinterest

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Pinterest, but these are some tips that works for me which may also work for you. Some may contain affiliate links. 

If you’re new to blogging, you should know that you can make money blogging. I've been blogging for months now and that time I still have no idea on how I can make money with my blog aside from being passionate about it. I also read a lot of stories on how can you make money with blogging and grow your blog traffic

I mainly use Pinterest not only for personal use but also for pinning and sharing blog posts. I don't have a big following but I do get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and this is all down to doing some of these things I'm about to share with you rather than just re-pinning tons of pins to random boards. 
Not only is Pinterest extremely addictive it can really increase your blog traffic if you use it strategically. Lately, I just realized that Pinterest is in fact a search engine just like Google, so your content gets better over time especially when re-pined by new people who came across your content. This guide Pin Like You Mean It from DailyFemme is a big help! 

Here are my tips for using Pinterest which you can start implementing right now to increase your blog traffic, following and re-pins.
1. Pin your Niche 

You need to decide who your target audience is. Decide who are you pinning for, it maybe for bloggers, people who needs advice, food lovers, love for fashion and others. So it’s important that you are pinning quality pins to your boards. You only want to pin pins that you think are going to get a lot of engagement. 
Usually, I'm pinning for lifestyle bloggers, moms and everyday tips. I also have various other boards such as beauty, organizing, gardening, recipe boards and home interiors. 
2. Create Pin-able pin

Pinterest is a visual platform, but it’s also a platform people mindlessly scroll through. You want to take up as much Pinterest pin-able pins as possible in order to catch attention! Make your pins vertical as these tend to be more visible in the feed. Also, don't forget to include great description with keywords to entice your readers to click on it. I use Viraltag to make my life easier especially for scheduling!
3. Make a Professional Profile

As you can see here I don't have much followers  as I am staring on stepping up my pinterest game. But I have like 14.6k monthly views which is already a big deal for me. 

For the Bio, make use of your bio to really sell what your blog is about. If you have a e-book or course that you are selling this is the perfect opportunity to include that in too along with a shortened link which will entice potential readers to copy and paste the link and click through.I have none as of the moment but I will work on it soon. Follow me on Pinterest
Profile Name: As you can see my profile name is just my real nickname which I love so I made it as my name for all my social media handle. Also don't forget to add descriptions to your boards. I see so many people who don't do this and are loosing out on so many potential clicks!

4. Delete Unused Boards 

You only want to have boards that you are active on and that help build your brand. If you won’t be using them, either delete them or make them private! You may also want to delete links with broken or bad links as this will also lower your internal user ranking with Pinterest if they're not leading your readers anywhere, after all Pinterest is looking for the highest quality pins to share.

5. Pin to Group Boards 

Group boards on Pinterest are amazing. They allow you to share audiences and get a ton of new eyes on your content.  Make sure to only join groups which are relevant to your niche and pin to them as often as you can following the group rules. You can find group boards by searching for a specific keyword on Pinterest and filter by clicking on "boards" and all of the groups are listed with the group board icon in the top right corner. Don't just join any group boards, you need to join around 3-5 group boards which are relevant to your blog. Aim to join groups which have a lot of followers which are frequently pinned to so people are seeing your content. Here are some of my pinterest group boards I joined: 

Bloggers on Pinterest
Bloggers Unite

Also, random group boards like, Modern Interior Designing, Gardening DIY, Breakfast and others. 

6. Schedule Your Pins 

Before, I am very lazy to pin and re-pin on pinterest. I pin on average around 100 pins a day and cannot tell you have much this has changed my way of using Pinterest! I use BoardBooster to do this and set up my pins each week which will then be re-pined every single day. Since then, my views has doubled. With Boardbooster, you will have it for free for the first month or you can have plans for that. 

BoardBooster works by taking pins from your secret feeder board and pins them. There are other scheduling programs for Pinterest such as Tailwind, Buffer or Viraltag. Looping your re-pins is a great way of getting your old content seen. It takes your oldest first and re-pins them onto your boards so as your following grows your pins will get pinned more and means you don't have to find new content to post each day! 

7. Add a Pin it Button

Make it easy for your readers to pin your posts! If you're not giving people the option to pin with a simple click, they're not going to bother going out of their way. Also, don't forget to add a follow button for Pinterest in your sidebar so your followers can follow you there too. You could also add a widget for your profile or a popular board. 

8. Follow Pinners 

Follow some new people who are in the same niche as you. You can type in on the search bar those who are within your niche. What I usually do is to follow people who follow me and then follow those within my niche. 

Once you get everything set up, everything will into rhythm. You will get a fantastic return for the time invested. I’d say I spend about 20 minutes on Pinterest a day, and get thousands of views already thanks to that small amount of time I put into it. And thank you to Pin Like You Mean It for the great tips!  You can do it too! 

Do yo have any tips to share with us? Share them below! 


  1. Great article! Definitely going on my pinterest!

  2. These are really helpful tips! I now get pretty much all of my traffic from Pinterest and I hate that I didn't start with it earlier!

    1. Same here :) I didn't know much about it but now I do! :) Thanks