9 Things to Keep You Reminded to Live in a Moment

Living in the moment. It’s something we all talk about but don’t necessarily do despite it not always bringing much happiness. Now is the time to refocus our present, not the past, not the future. But how?  I’ve rounded up 9 ways to live in the moment. 

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Follow your Gut-feeling

Worrying about consequences may result in you losing out on amazing opportunities for experiences. Sometimes we need to go with our gut-feeling.

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Don’t let others opinion affect what you’re doing. Just continue being yourself and doing what’s right.

Treat Yourself

In this busy world, do you still have time for yourself? Go out with your family and friends every weekend and treat yourself. You may want to splurge on that bag your eyeing for so long?

Try Something New

Why not go on an adventure you have wanted for a long time. This will make you discover things within yourself.

Make Little Moments with Yourself

Strolling around, go for a walk and savor the beauty of nature. Think about things that make you ask questions. It’s those little moments that will open your mind and help you live in the moment.

Let Go of the Past

Time to let go of the things that holding you back. Having grudges or holding onto something that is no longer there will not open any doors.

Shut down Social Media once in a While 

Yes! It’s very effective especially if you want to run away from negative vibes social media brings. Try to focus on people and do things outside away from the Internet.

Always Remember No One is Perfect

We all make mistakes and we need to learn how to deal with it. Acceptance is the major key to move on. Mistakes are for us to learn and grow as a person.

Keep a Journal

With journal,  we can write about everything. Write about how you feel, what you did today and what you are grateful for. It’s good to reflect on the positive aspects of your day and vent about the negative.

You may need to remind yourself every now and again that the present is what counts but after a little while,  it will become a habit to focus on to your well-being.