Organize your Closet with these 5 Easy Tips - DIY

Tired of wrestling your clothes from your packed closet? Or flinching from a handbag as you are trying to pull a clutch from your messy shelf? You should start quitting this kind of thing and be more accessible and usable space with these amazing tips.

1. Get rid of empty hangers 

Some of us forget those empty hangers tucked away on our closet rod. The best thing to do is to get those empty hangers and place them on the front of the closet for easy use. This way you can easily access and use them to hang something. Consider to swap your thick hangers with thinner ones to double your hanging space.

2. Try to group short and long clothing

Being aware to organize your hanging space can help make your closet more spacious. Separate short stuffs like your tops, skirts, folded pants from long things like dresses, coats, etc.  Be creative with installing stacking shoe racks for your shoes or maybe a small dresser for folded shirts, pajamas, etc.

3. Maximize the inside door space

Another thing to do in making a more organized place is to make use of your closet door. It could be a spot to store your accessories. You can also create individual hooks in one or two rows for scarves, belts, handbags,and other small stuff.

 4. Add shelf dividers to the upper shelves

Upper closet is another great idea to save space for your closet. An example of it is the slide shelf dividers onto shelves that creates subdivision to stack folded clothes like sweatshirts, sweaters and jeans. This makes your space neat and clean. Shelves located on the upper part of the closet makes it for you to easily slide in your things.

I do hope that these tips can help you guys in organizing your closet at home. Don't forget to comment below or maybe suggest something for the next post. 

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