How to Organize your Office Things With These DIY Tips

We all have our messy side right? Especially if we are running out of time, very busy especially with paper works at home or even at the office.

Problem no more with these DIY Tips on how to get more organized with things.
(1) Painted Storage Box

Be creative and resourceful when it comes to creating useful things. In making this storage box where you can put all your important files and other valuable things, make your own. A plainwooden box with colored paper, you can have that colorful and joyful boxes.  You can put it 
anywhere inside your room or your office. Try to make this one with JPetite. 
(2) Belt Memo Board

Save your old belts and make them into a new and useful thing for displaying pictures and notes. You can create a cute design board using a glue and wooden boards together. Add picture hanging hardware to the back of the board so you can easily place on your office wall. Get inspired with this one from RealSimple
(3) Metallic Pencil Holder Set

Go to the nearest supply stores near you and buy some metal tubes or maybe an old can and wrap or paint it whatever colors you like. You can also spray it with acrylic paint if you like.  Use a glue to hold the tubes in place and smooth out the edges for final touch. Try this one from LovelyIndeed
(4) Patterned Magazine Holders

Grab one at National Bookstore or at any Department Stores to have these cute file holders. Place those magazines and folders inside a patterned file holders. You can design them too! Get ideas from BHG on how to do this. 
(5) Magnetic Colorblock for Small Accessories

This stylish magnetic desk is best for keeping push pins, paper clips, and other metal objects in one place.  Grab a paper which can be found in a craft store.  Using a glue, put the magnets to the bottom of the box and you’re done!  You can decorate it with spray paint or any colored paper. Be inspired from DIYs
(6) Pin Board

Create a corkboard design to organize your to-do lists that you can place on the walls. You will need cork boards, a craft knife, and a paint. Through these, you can organize your important papers in one place without cluttering them around your room or office. Get this idea from
I hope these DIY tips can help you organize your things in a creative way. Please don’t forget to comment down your suggestions or share some DIY tips too! XOXO