Makeup Tips for Beginners

Hi everyone!

Ladies out there are really into makeup nowadays and even youngsters are starting to explore the beauty arena and if you are just beginning to use makeup, it’s always helpful to find makeup tips for beginners that actually work! Here are some step-by-step guide for a makeup look that’s great on every face, Everyday!
Preparing your Skin
I think this one is the crucial part, the skin preparation. But how are you going to start? It is very important when applying makeup, see to it that your face is fresh and clean.

(1) Cleansing the skin – Use your favorite cleanser to remove any dirt that may leave your skin.
(2) Remove eye makeup – Eye makeup is pretty obvious especially those “panda eyes” as what they call it. It is good to use a water base eye makeup remover. Why water base? Because when using oil base eye remover, residues will remain on the skin which will prevent the makeup being applied correctly.
(3) Cotton for toners- Toners remove any left over dirt even after cleansing, use it on cotton wool for skin to be smoother and ready for makeup.
(4) Apply moisturizer- When you already found the right moisturizer, apply it on your skin after using a toner. You can also apply a serum after moisturizing to give your skin that glow.
(5) Applying a Primer- This is optional but I advice that it would be best to use this before putting on foundation. With primer, for sure your makeup will last longer.
(6) Start applying your favorite makeup!
I hope you guys learned something from me today. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any additional tips to share with everyone. Will really appreciate it. Till next time! XOXO