5 Ways To Motivate Yourself For Work

Working from home can be fun and rewarding where you can have your own time for work and time for family and friends and yourself. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring especially you’re doing the same thing day after day. Knowing how to motivate yourself in instances like these can be super helpful.

1. Find for Inspiration – When I’m tired of doing same things over and over again, I always try to find some new inspiration. I love browsing Pinterest and scroll to beautiful things. You can also find different interesting things in Pinterest that can motivate you for your blog. Let’s follow each other on Pinterest!

2. Always remind yourself why you’re doing all of this  – We all start doing what we love with certain goals in our mind. Whether you’re working on a business-related goal or a personal goal, you’ve got a final result that you’d like to reach. It can be very beneficial to remind yourself of what your goals are and why you even working at this in the first place.

3. Take a Break – When I’m in the middle of a ton of work that needs to be done and am seriously lacking the will to continue, one thing that I’ve found to help me back up is to actually step away for a few minutes. Sometimes, I took two days off because I want to refresh my mind with new ideas. Give yourself 15-30 minutes off for whatever you are doing or maybe take a nap for an hour. Since I’m in control of my own schedule, I see to it that I take small breaks every hour or so, this way you’re far less likely to feel burnt out throughout your day.

4. Set a Reward – If you have a lot of work to do this week, set a reward for yourself so that you will be motivated to finish the task assigned to you. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive either – an indulgent dessert or a relaxing night binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix would work just fine.

5. Read a Good Book or Play Your Favorite Music- There are times that I don’t feel like working, so I just grab my favorite book or play my favorite music with a coffee in the side.

Share your motivations with me! XOXO