How to Stay Motivated When You Want to Quit

Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit everything? Yes, I've been through this for a couple of months where I faced time when I wanted to quit blogging. I've been out of blogging for two months because I gave birth to handsome little man. This shouldn't be a hindrance for me to continue blogging but at that time I can't find time to juggle my life as a mom and as a blogger.

Then one day I realized that I really love to write and I miss blogging so much. And then here I am again, writing and sharing what I love with you guys. I looked at my little boy and told myself that, "You know what I will start to write again. " My little boy is the one who inspired me the most. 

Here are some things that keeps me motivated to blog again.

Why did I want blogging from the start? 

That question popped on my head for so long. Why did I ever start blogging in the first place? Am I passionate about it? The advice that I can give you guys is that, go back to the very beginning of when you first started thinking about whatever it is you're doing right now. When you feel like quitting, just remember why you started.


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Are you being too swift to make a decision? 

I think it is just normal to feel uncertain about new things. In my case, I made a big change in my life and that is to have my own family. It is really hard to make great decisions in life because you have to consider a lot of things. My tip to you guys is to give it time and see how your feelings change and maybe it will still work out in the end.

Think in advance 

Have you ever imagined your life when you complete your goals? This Blog Planner is a big help to make me more organized when planning. Envision your future and what it would be like if you quit. If it leads to a better future and greater happiness in life then don't give up. 

Who are your inspiration? 

Who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for others? Or are you doing it for yourself? The main person you should be doing it for is You. If you're not, then you need to reevaluate yourself and your true intentions to it.

Motivate yourself 

Surround yourself with positivity and motivation to give you that drive to succeed. Even if it is just reading a favorite book or doing things you don't usually do.

Believe in yourself 

Always believe in yourself and what you can do. You have the strength to keep working hard in achieving your goals and you will reach that end result.

Yes, it is normal to feel like quitting when things get tough. Believe in yourself and keep going and continue what you started. Once you reach your goal, you'll thank yourself for having the courage to go for it.